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It’s all about finding what’s right for you.  With Systems Pros, ACS – National, and ACS – New England, you can work with specialists from your field to locate your next employment opportunity, whether it’s a temporary assignment or direct employment.  Our seasoned recruiters will work closely with you to develop a better understanding of your skills and experience and help you determine what position best suits your needs.  We’ll recruit, screen and present the most technically challenging and financially rewarding career opportunities available.

SPI and its business units offer competitive pay and benefits that include medical, dental, and life insurance, a 401K plan, weekly direct deposit as well as per diem rates for those who qualify. Learn more about these benefits and payroll policies.

Benefits & Payroll Policies

SPI offers our candidates a generous benefits package that surpasses those offered by similar agencies in the temporary staffing industry.  We offer the following to every candidate who is employed by Systems Pros, ACS – National, and ACS – New England.

Medical and Dental Insurance

We offer various health care plans that allow the flexibility to choose which plan best suits you and your family.  The cost for each plan is deducted weekly on a pre-tax basis.  Packages include employee, employee plus one, employee plus children, and family plans.

Vision Care

Our vision plan assists with expenses for office visits and eyewear purchases.  This plan is offered in a variety of cost packages including employee, employee plus one, or family plans.

401K Plan

SPI also offers a comprehensive 401K Plan administered by Merrill Lynch.  This program is offered to all of our candidates after they have completed 90 days (three months) of employment for SPI and its business units, Systems Pros, ACS – National, and ACS – New England.

Paycheck Options

SPI pays our candidates on a weekly basis.  This payment is made either by live check sent Fed Ex for next day delivery or by electronic deposit into an account designated by the candidate.  Candidates are required to call in their hours by Monday morning and send a signed timecard, approved with the supervisor’s signature, by Tuesday morning by email or facsimile. 

Comprehensive Payroll

Our payroll procedures are in complete statutory compliance including withholding for FICA, Workmen’s Compensation and required state taxes.

In addition, we offer our temporary personnel the flexibility of three employment options including W2, W2 with benefits, or 1099.